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    Tiny Cuddle™ - Baby Support Pillow [Free Today]

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    Why is it free?

    In celebration of our one year anniversary, we're giving away 100 Tiny Cuddle™ - Baby Support Pillows. This is our way of saying thank you and generating some word-of-mouth publicity. You just need to cover the shipping.

    Say Goodbye To Bad Sleeping Posture & Hello To Comfort

    Incorrect sleeping positions could impede the baby's physical growth and potentially lead to lasting harm to their bodies.

    The Tiny Cuddle™ Support Pillow ensures a safe sleeping posture for babies in the car, stroller or at home.

    Maxium Protection For Babies Head - Parent Favorite

    ✔️ Offers optimal safeguarding for your baby's head and neck area

    ✔️ Crafted from gentle and breathable fabric, ensuring exceptional comfort

    ✔️ Guards against your baby's head tilting downwards or to the side

    ✔️ Unique U-shaped design shields your baby's head while in a stroller

    Safe Breating While Back Sleeping - Increased Peace of Mind

    Positional asphyxiation happens when an infant's breathing is compromised due to improper positioning, such as during tummy sleeping when their mouth and nose become obstructed.

    Our support pillow ensures that babies can breathe easily and enjoy peaceful sleep while lying on their backs.

    Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

    Flat head syndrome stands out as a prevalent concern among newborns.

    For some infants, this condition emerges post-birth due to prolonged periods spent in positions that exert pressure on the skull, such as within a crib or car seat.

    Our baby support pillow takes a proactive approach in averting and remedying this issue. It provides gentle support to your baby's head, ensuring it doesn't rest entirely flat.

    Our Tiny Customers Love Their Tiny Cuddle Pillow

    Infants worldwide adore our Tiny Cuddle™ Support Pillow

    Suitable for newborns and even toddlers aged 0 and above, it offers ideal comfort during slumber, whether in the car or elsewhere.

    Our Baby Support Pillow proves perfect for your baby's comfort in various settings like strollers and cribs. However, it's crucial to ensure constant supervision to avert any potential suffocation risk when the baby is left unattended.

    Tiny Footies holds no liability for the improper use of the Baby Support Pillow. Please maintain continuous supervision of your child as a safety measure.

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    Tiny Cuddle™ - Baby Support Pillow [Free Today]

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Emma Thompson

    My daughter loves this

    Olivia Martinez

    Cute and helpful for travel, needed adjustment to work perfectly

    Noah Johnson

    She is still getting used to it, but its is doing exactly what we needed it to do. It is soft, and it keeps her head from falling forward and hurting her neck in the car and at home since she loves staying in her car seat. I feel that it is for babies above 8 or 9 lbs though, she was born 4.5lbs and it would have been too much for her before then.

    Sophia Rodriguez

    My baby sleeps for long time after using this...before he simple shake his head and wont sleep for long....this helps me a it...worth it...happy baby happy me ...very comfortable

    Ethan Patel

    Soft and effective, keeps baby's head comfy and safe in car and at home



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